Namco Bandai unveiled Soulcalibur V - Cell phones

Namco Bandai unveiled Soulcalibur V - Cell phonesThe fifth part of the fighting game series Soulcalibur is in development, according to the company Namco Bandai. Held in Dubai (UAE) press conference it was announced that the project Soulcalibur V charged one internal studios Namco. The release will be sometime in 2012, but only on consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Game producer Hisaharu of Tago (Hisaharu Tago) reported that this will be a full sequel, continuing the story of the fourth part. Events will take place 17 years after the history presented in the previous game. Yes, there is a plot. That is simple fights don't wait - all on Aristotle's "Poetics": a three-act structure, causal links, etc. You will thoroughly explain who is who and what beats - excuse me - the face. In Soulcalibur V, traditionally for the series, we'll fight using weapons, vivid special effects and outbreaks, leading to pains in the eyes, and, of course, absolutely wild anime character, from the big-eyed girls to suspicious of morcinek with hardware in hand..

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