Microsoft has found a new way to fight piracy - Cell phones

Microsoft has found a new way to fight piracy - Cell phonesNew version of the operating system for the Xbox 360 will not allow you to run most pirated discs. This was reported by a website Just Push Start and the Xbox Scene with reference to known hacker C4Eva. Currently in the United States goes open beta testing a new version of the Xbox 360 Dashboard (OS console), which will allow in the future to run the advanced format drives with displacement increased to 1 GB. In addition, the new firmware uses a special anti-piracy check disk (AP Check), which will not allow to run the disks other than the license, without specific modifications. Hacker C4Eva (known for hacking Xbox) has not yet commented on the mechanism of the changes to the disk images, so they can start on the new firmware. The use of the modified disk makes Xbox 360 vulnerable to blockage in the service of Xbox Live. In addition to the verification system, which is the new version of the Xbox 360 Dashboard does not allow to run pirated CDs, introduced a new function replacement firmware for the DVD drive, which led to most consoles to inability to run the pirated disk. The Xbox 360 can be hacked by flashing your DVD drive, allowing you to run pirated CDs. At the moment the hack is only possible older versions of the Xbox 360, and a new modification of the Xbox 360 S has not received public flashing tools. After cracking is likely that Microsoft can "ban" the console, you have to disconnect it from the network service Xbox Live forever. Usually this occurs during the "wave of bans". For example, in November 2009, Microsoft has blocked access to the network for more than half a million Xbox 360. According to experts, is expected in 2011 a new wave of bans". Xbox Live allows Xbox 360 owners to play multiplayer games online, download games, add-ons, updates, demos and chat with friends and use Facebook, Twitter and other services..

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