In Windows Phone 7 you will be multitasking and IE 9 - Cell phones

In Windows Phone 7 you will be multitasking and IE 9 - Cell phonesThe functionality of the operating system for mobile devices, Windows Phone 7 (WP7) will soon be greatly expanded: in particular, the platform will have multitasking and Internet Explorer 9. This was stated by the CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, speaking at a press conference at Mobile World Congress 2011 (MWC) in Barcelona. These functions will be available after installing the first update for WP7, which is scheduled for release in March of this year. Ballmer began his speech with statistics: in his words, 93% of WP7 users were satisfied with their device, and nine out of ten owners of the device on the basis of this platform would advise it to family members, friends and colleagues. The Microsoft Chairman said that multitasking will allow, for example, listening to music, almost instantly switch between any game or app. Users will also be able to see a list of recently downloaded apps and quickly their "cause". Another major feature of WP7 will be the Internet Explorer 9 with support for GPU acceleration. Last week this web browser has reached the release candidate, that is the last stage before the final release. Microsoft claim that the release candidate of IE9 works by 35% faster than the beta version of the browser. This makes it the fastest Internet browser today, I assure the representatives of the software giant. The WP7 platform was presented on 11 October 2010. Since November 2010, the software giant managed to sell more than two million licenses for WP7. According to Microsoft at the end of January of this year, Windows Marketplace consisted of 6 thousand applications from more than 24 thousand developers. The first phones based on WP7 with the support of the Russian language will be available in the second half of 2011..

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