A new version of JABRA PC SUITE for users of CISCO - Cell phones

A new version of JABRA PC SUITE for users of CISCO - Cell phonesA new version of the free Jabra PC Suite opens to users of unified communications Cisco wide remote call control Jabra, a world leader in the development of telephone headsets for different market segments: call centres, offices, mobile telephony and entertainment expands its portfolio of solutions for unified communications (UC) and represents the Jabra PC Suite v2.4.3 - a new version of its free software. The new software provides compatibility with any USB solution with Jabra UC-Cisco systems. A new version of Jabra PC Suite will allow you to extend the functionality of Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (CUPC) and Cisco UC Integration? for Microsoft Office Communicator (CUCIMOC), manipulating them using Jabra headsets. The new software supports the reception and discharge of the call, adjust the volume, mute the microphone, and remote call using wired, DECT or Bluetooth headsets Jabra. Integration of Jabra headsets and applications Jabra PC Suite will allow users UC-Cisco systems to manage calls at a distance of 130 meters from the computer and perform more tasks during a call, thereby increasing the effectiveness of their own work. "We were ready to work closely with Cisco, aimed at empowering speech UC-Cisco systems to ensure ease of operation in conjunction with Jabra headsets, says Chris Briglin, Vice President, business development Jabra - Jabra Wireless headsets can be used in the office and beyond, compatible with mobile and landline phones and provide perfect sound transmission, as well as mobility and multitasking". A new version of Jabra PC Suite can be used with a number of professional Jabra, was awarded the prestigious prizes and awards: Series Jabra PRO? 9470 and Jabra GO? 6470, through which users can manage multiple phones through a simple intuitive touch screen functions receive and end call features adjust the volume or switch between mobile and fixed phone and Softphone. - Jabra BIZ? 2400 USB headset with noise reduction system, provides high-quality broadband sound. The device implements a number of innovative developments, including gold contacts for crystal clear sound, durable holder FreeSpin microphone can be rotated 360 degrees and support the Bluetooth profile that will allow you to switch between calls on your mobile phone and Softphone. Jabra PC Suite 2.4.3. for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator and Cisco UC Integration for Microsoft Office Communicator successfully passed interoperability testing with Cisco products, in the evidence of award logo "Cisco Compatible". A new version of Jabra PC Suite available for free download on the website www.jabra.com/PCSuite. For more information about solutions for Jabra UC systems you can find on the website www.jabra.com/UC..

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