Built two-legged hopping robot (video) - Cell phones

Built two-legged hopping robot (video) - Cell phonesThe device is able to break away from earth at 75 cm height. However, while it needs support mechanism. Mobile robots using to move the legs, not wheels, with rare exceptions, very unstable. To cope with this problem try American researchers from Ohio state University and the University of Notre Dame (Indiana). They created an experimental robotic platform KURMET designed for testing dynamic maneuvers first of all jumps. Weighing 15 kg KURMET "stretched" in height by 50 see Its movement controlled by the operator, are using drives with brushless motors. During testing, the robot leapt over the barrier height of 22.5 cm and a series of obstacles. Without a support rod he does not do, although the engineers claim that it is intended not so much to aid in training, how to simplify the process. The system control jumps is not based on memory KURMET algorithms of actions, and on the approach, based on fuzzy logic, writes compulenta. This allows to some extent to imitate human movement and helps the robot to learn. For simple maneuvers should eventually be followed by a comprehensive acrobatic sketches - for example, somersault, or the game in the "classics". James Shideler, David Orin and their assistants presented the results at the conference on robotics and automation ICRA 2011, which ends today in Shanghai (China)..

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