Google will launch a competitor to iTunes - Cell phones

Google will launch a competitor to iTunes - Cell phonesGoogle plans to launch a music service for Android smartphones. "It was our Gizmo Fusion. The magazine has published a screenshot of the menu of the operating system Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which contains the option to sync music to it. Presumably, we are talking about the possibility to synchronize the music collection of the user on the smartphone collection on the virtual server. To do this, users will simply click on a field Sync Music ("sync Music") However, Google has not officially announced about the launch of the service with a similar name. It is unknown whether synchronization is available only when connected to the computer, or music can be uploaded using a wireless connection Wi-Fi or mobile networks. However, according to Droid Life, the option to sync music available to all users of Android-smartphone, downloaded and installed the Music Player app. This application can be installed on smartphones and tablets based on Android, but users are not available all of its features. Google has its own app store for Android-smartphones - Android Market. This store is similar to the Apple App Store. At the same time, Apple has a separate iTunes client that allows you to purchase and download music directly to your portable device. Also iTunes can be installed as a computer program. Will Google release a computer program like iTunes is not reported..

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