NVidia is developing a fundamentally new 3D Cell phones

NVidia is developing a fundamentally new 3D Cell phonesTechnology and 3D content continues to grow. NVidia has decided to expand the range of accessories for the PC that supports 3D Vision. In the second half of June this year, all 3D fans can see see another new active 3D glasses called 3D Vision Wired Glasses. The main feature points is in connection with a computer using a cable with a USB interface. If the normal 3D glasses must be periodically recharged from the battery, then these glasses are in constant charging will not need, moreover, are much less mass. In addition to viewing 3D video, with these points you can play games with a three-dimensional image. In the set of 3D Vision Wired Glasses already comes with a 3.5 metre USB2.0-cable made to connect to your PC or laptop. At the moment 3D Vision support about seventy monitors, projectors and monitors. 3D Vision Wired Glasses has set a record price in the world market of 3D-technology - the first time such glasses are cheaper than $ 100 ($99). Generally, the technique of this type is more expensive at $ 50 on average. Also 3D Vision Wired Glasses deprived of the General standard for 3D glasses - colored color filters. His glasses are identical in color, their work is based on the conflicting filters. Thanks to them, the user obtains a desired image, but becomes one flaw of the equipment will now require much more expensive than for glasses with filters working on the play of color. Nvidia has already announced the released technological innovations, in addition, has been running the Internet resource 3DVisionOnline.com where can I find information about the company's products, and most importantly, a variety of information to familiarize yourself with the 3D technology and three-dimensional content as a whole..

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