Sharp begins delivering powerful 2 lamp 3D projectors - Cell phones

Sharp begins delivering powerful 2 lamp 3D projectors - Cell phonesSharp begins delivering a series of powerful 2 lamp 3D projector XG-PH80X and XG-PH80W. New 3D projectors Sharp fundamentally solve the main problem of 3D projection. The loss of half brightness in 3D mode is the main scourge of the modern projectors. Existing today, a vast number of 3D projectors, practically, cannot be used in conventional conference rooms and classrooms, because it requires full shade areas. Attempts to use two projectors and passive glasses come across a series of additional problems associated with metallic polarizing screens. The only effective solution task for today is to increase the brightness of the projectors, by creating a multivalve three-phase lighting 3D models. It is this progressive decision promptly offered Sharp in the form of two new моделейXG-PH80X (4:3) and XG-PH80W (16:10). New products have the brightness and 5600 6300 lm, which will allow in UN-shaded areas to create a 3D image of a width of 3-4 meters. The projectors use DLP technology, providing high contrast and no degradation of color reproduction in the high brightness and long-term use. The projectors are equipped with exchangeable lenses with vertical and horizontal offset projection. Complete new models come two filter with selectable for ideal colour reproduction and maximize the brightness. The projectors are compatible with all types of DLP-Link 3D glasses and do not require installation of emitters synchronization. Cooling system projectors are designed in such a way that does not require a removable protective dust filters. Selling projectors in Russia will begin in mid-summer 2011. A list of suppliers of projectors Sharp presented on the website of the Russian representative office of the company

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