Supercomputer competes in TV quiz a human Cell phones

Supercomputer competes in TV quiz a human Cell phonesThe computer against experts. In USA today concludes a three-day intellectual marathon, organized by IBM. Supercomputer competes with the two best players in the history of popular American game show. The machine, nicknamed Watson possesses perfect knowledge and has complex algorithms, but to understand the question he manages with varying degrees of success. At the same time as other players get the job verbally, Watson come text messages. Written questions are not programmers, so the sentence structure is sometimes puts the computer in a deadlock. The first day of competition ended in a draw, but on the eve Watson took the lead, so the winner will be decided in the final round. At stake are millions of dollars. In case of victory of IBM computer promises to transfer the winnings to the charity Fund, according to "Russia 24"..

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