Chinese character is not enough paper iPad 2 - Cell phones

Chinese character is not enough paper iPad 2 - Cell phonesShortage of supply of new tablet computer Apple iPad 2 has affected not only shops in the U.S. and Europe, but also the afterlife. According to Reuters, Chinese families in Malaysia in the rush to buy paper copies of popular gadget to burn them in honor of their deceased ancestors on the Qingming festival ("the Festival of pure light"). This traditional feast of all souls takes place in early April of each year, usually the fifth number. On this day, the Chinese community in Asian countries make a centuries-old rite and burn copies of luxury goods (counterfeit money, expensive cars or luxury designer handbag to show respect and to honor the memory of the dead. The Qingming festival, which is derived from the Confucian doctrine of family loyalty and tradition, is widely celebrated among the Chinese in Malaysia, constituting a quarter of the 28 million population of this multi-ethnic country. "Some of my clients dreams, where their dead relatives asking for luxuries, including iPad 2," said Geoffrey Those, owner of one of the shops funeral goods whose shelves full of paper iPhones and tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab. "Can I offer them only the first model of the iPad," he added. According to Those, specially for the festival Qingming he brought from China 300 paper iPad 2. They broke up almost instantly and meet the demand could not until now. With the same situation but with these tablets - faced Apple reproduse newfangled gadgets in the US for a few days. First and second generation iPad with memory 888 GB - a lucky number in Chinese culture - are sold in the store The $ 1. For comparison, in the US the base model tablet with internal memory of 16 GB is $ 499..

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