Competitor Facebook came out of hiding - Cell phones

Competitor Facebook came out of hiding - Cell phonesEx-Manager of Apple bill Nguyen launches social network Color recommending startup as communication tools postcodeloterij era". The network is focused on smartphones, particularly Apple's iPhone, involves communication in video format and eliminates the anonymity of users. "The transition in postcompulsory world involves big changes," says the founder of the resource. We increasingly share information in real-time. "The objective of the new resource is to challenge Facebook, dominant in the communication sector-oriented personal computers," write the browsers Reuters. While resources are incomparable. Transactions with shares of Facebook in private placements are based on the total capitalization of the social network at more than $80 billion Color at the start attracted from investors of $41 million But the project has invested patterns, with extensive experience of successful investment in the Internet projects. Co-owners of social video network made the investment Fund Sequoia Capital, which has invested $25 million, Bain Capital Ventures with $9 million and Silicon Valley Bank with $7 million Sequoia Capital in 1999 funded the work of the founders of Google. Network Nguyen is an application for iPhone and other smartphones on the Android platform. Project Color are 30 engineers, former employees of Google, Twitter and Apple. By the end of the year Nguyen expects to triple the staff of developers. The main goal of social networking is to discourage Internet users from habits to hide behind pseudonyms, does not hide Nguyen. "The Internet will cease to throw people tremble when everything starts to act under their own names," he said. Connecting the smartphone to a new network, the user will be able in real time to see all other users in the area of 50 meters around him. "Say Hello to the neighbors, jokes Nguyen. - This is not virtual reality. Each camera on a nearby smartphone, which uses a similar application, is your camera. There is a bit of voyeurism, says managing Director of Bain Capital Michael Krupka: "But there is little real life". Nguyen recognizes the appeal of such a social network for sexual perverts. Unacceptable network will be considered as pornography, violence and scenes of psychological pressure. Developers network claim to have created a mechanism to block the app on your smartphone, connected to the Color. The new format of communication suggests a new business model. Nguyen opposes it to the current commercial model Facebook. "If there are privacy settings on that website marketing services still receive personal information about the user," he says. - They talk about privacy, which is really no". Color will make the implementation of the geolocation model, advertisers will know where the user of the social network, and to invite him to go, for example, in a shop or cafe nearby. A similar model uses the service Groupon..

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