Created modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth does not require power - Cell phones

Created modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth does not require power - Cell phonesThe joint efforts of NEC Corporation, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed a new technology that allows you to create devices that transmit data to the receivers, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and this is absolutely not needing power. The essence lies in the fact that the transmitter is powered by energy from the radio waves of any frequency, which in the modern world in our surroundings abound. It embodies the old idea of "crystal receiver". Already in June, will be presented to the working prototypes of such devices. Design feature of these is that they are significantly reduced in size due to the fact that they do not need batteries. Quite possible that the technology in the future will find a lot of applications and will be fixed in everyday life, as well as computer, phone, TV. To use the system will be a variety of ways and in a variety of fields of science and technology - from medicine to work on nuclear reactors. Sensor the size of a few microns can easily be mounted in plaster, periodically informing you with information about the temperature - it will save you from the hassle even when child care information over the wireless link will be sent to you on the phone. Fiction? And yet it's real!.

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