Manipulator PlayStation Move may appear on the PC to Cell phones

Manipulator PlayStation Move may appear on the PC to Cell phonesIt may be that Sony is working on the PC version of the manipulator PlayStation Move. At the end of the month in San Francisco (USA) kicks off the annual game developer's conference GDC. We already know her schedule and the subject of many reports. From this list we learned about possible changes in the fate of the PS Move: Sony engineer John McCutcheon (John McCutchan) will report to the public about the development potential of the PlayStation Move". From the preamble that the report is devoted to the development PS Move applications and promotion of new controllers: "We will tell you about the nuances of creating games for the device, the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter, and will present the project Server Move, which will allow those who want to develop programs that use the PS Move in conjunction with standard PC". Recall that the controller works in tandem with the PlayStation Eye camera. The system recognizes hand movements and reflects them in the game..

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