Skype fired several top managers - Cell phones

Skype fired several top managers - Cell phonesThe company Skype Technologies S.A., the management service Internet telephony, Skype, fired several members of its senior management. This writes Businessweek, citing a source familiar with the situation within the company and wished to remain anonymous. Positions in Skype, according to the newspaper, lost four Vice-President: David Gurl (David Gurle), Christopher Dean (Christopher Dean), don albert (Don Albert) and Russ Show (Russ Shaw). The latter was responsible, in particular, for communication Skype with mobile operators and mobile phone manufacturers. In addition, were dismissed as marketing Director Doug Bewsher (Doug Bewsher) and Ann Gillespie (Anne Gillespie), who headed the personnel Department of the company, as well as heads of Qik Frame Sunkar (Ramu Sunkara) and Allison Kampa (Allyson Campa). Service Qik, Skype was acquired in January 2011 for $ 100 million. Executive Director of Skype Tony Bates (Tony Bates) retained his post. It is expected that he will take the position of head units Skype that will be created in the Microsoft. Source Bloomberg suggests that the dismissal of top managers to complete the deal between Skype and Microsoft has allowed the company to save on compensation fired. If Microsoft at the time of their dismissal was the rightful owner of Skype, the payout would have been higher. On the purchase of Skype by Microsoft Corporation, it was announced on may 10. For Skype Microsoft will pay $ 8.5 billion, including debt. on 17 June, a deal approved by the Federal trade Commission of the USA (FTC). Microsoft plans to integrate Skype with a number of proprietary services, including an Xbox 360, the mobile operating system Windows Phone, e-mail client Outlook and focused on business users communications platform Lync..

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