Samsung breathes in the back "Yabloko" - Cell phones

Samsung breathes in the back Many manufacturers have decided to depart from the standards of the iPad in terms of standard-definition display 9.7 inches. Instead, they took a very serious decision, offering to the consumer, instead of the standard solutions from Apple's transition from 9.7 to a new 7-inch display. However, Apple is not really in a hurry to compete with the new tablets from well-known companies such as Samsung and Vewsonic. In apple, it commented on the fact that the resolution of this kind is too small and the use of this iPad ,could cause discomfort for users. On the Internet more often now rumors that Apple vedatsya the development of the new iPad, which will be sized to be between 9.7-inch iPad and a 3.5-inch iPod Touch.At the moment 7-Domovoi solution can be seen in the Samsung Galaxy Tab..

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