Sony won the first round of the court in the LG Cell phones

Sony won the first round of the court in the LG Cell phonesDelivery of PlayStation 3 in Europe resumed and all confiscated console returned to Sony by the decision of the Hague court. This was reported by the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf and the website InsideGamer. After the 10-day duration of the previous court rulings Sony were returned about 300 thousand consoles with a total value of more than EUR 43 million. The court also ordered the LG to pay a fine of 130 thousand euros (for each day of delay will be charged interest at the rate of 200 thousand euros). Previously, the court in the Hague, demolishing a patent dispute between Sony and LG about playing Blu-ray, decided on a temporary ban on the importation of PlayStation 3 in Europe and the UK, taking the side of LG. The company intends to obtain the license fee with each product sold, Sony, having a function of playing Blu-ray discs. The amount of deduction should be about 2.5 USD each device. Experts estimate the size of the total $ 150-180 million dollars. But in the requirements of the LG appears the sum of 350 million dollars to settle current and future royalty payments. The main reason for the ban was the history of the negotiations on the dispute between the companies, which were not previously included such radical measures. The hearing court, which had lifted the ban on the delivery of consoles, resulted filed Sony appeal. The court will consider the validity of patent claims LG to Sony. At the moment between the two corporations are several patent disputes. For example, in the US, Sony requires the introduction of a ban on the importation of LG smartphones in the country. This subsidiary of LG - Zenith - relies on the decision of the American court to ban shipments of Sony TV sets due to violation of 8 patents. According to the statement of advocates Sony, the company is ready for peace talks and wants to settle all patent disputes with LG simultaneously..

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