"1C-Softklab" will issue an action-RPG Torchlight II - Cell phones

Action-RPG Torchlight II will have the honor to be localized and published in Russia, according to "1C-SoftClub" and Snowball Studios. Torchlight is a Diablo-clone, developed by Studio Runic Games. And the clone is the best. Although not surprise us: the game is created with the participation of max and Eric Seferov, designers, who worked on Diablo and Diablo II. The exact release date yet. "2011", - puff brains developers. In the list of platforms hit PC and Macintosh. Players get into the town of Torchlight, built over the mine, which produces mineral amber, is able to provide the weapons, armor and creatures with magical properties. Once this magical world was saved from the ancient and powerful beings Ortaca, but evil never sleeps. Someone has stolen the essence of power Ortaca, and now all faces "unprecedented terrible Evil."".

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