The British will play FarmVille on a real farm - Cell phones

The British will play FarmVille on a real farm - Cell phonesBeginning Wednesday, may 4, Internet users will be able to play a game similar to the popular Farmville game on this farm. It is reported by The Guardian. The project was called MyFarm. The venue will be the estate of Wimpole, located in the English County of Cambridgeshire. 10000 participants via the Internet will give farmers advice on what livestock to buy, what crops to plant and how to split the field. "I'll do exactly what I will recommend online farmers. Farming is generally a compromise. Right and wrong approaches to it," said Richard Morris, one of the employees of the estate Wimpole. He also added that users will not be able to plant on the farm bananas or marijuana. However, Morris acknowledged that expects the participants of the experiment "strange decision" that he would never have accepted. Study participants will receive a General solution using periodic voting. It is expected that such activities will take place on average once a month. However, the situation may require more frequent collection of votes. FarmVille is a game for the social network Facebook created by Zynga. Its essence is that the user needs to optimize the virtual farm. FarmVille is the most popular game for Facebook. The peak of its popularity was in may 2010 when the number of players exceeded 70 million. Recently it has been falling. However, in FarmVille still play around 47 million users of Facebook..

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