Sony confirmed the fact of the development of a new PlayStation - Cell phones

Sony confirmed the fact of the development of a new PlayStation - Cell phonesSony has officially announced that is working on the next generation consoles PlayStation. This was reported by the website Eurogamer with reference to the statement by the Vice President for Finance companies Masaru Kato at the event dedicated to the results of the fiscal year. At the same time back in March, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment KAZ Hirai said that the development of fourth generation PlayStation while not even considered. Then he said that Sony laid a 10-year life of the PlayStation 3, comparing the success of the console with the previous models PSOne and PS2. Meanwhile, the Sony competitors in the market also announced the imminent desire to release a new console. So Nintendo has officially announced that on its own conference E3 2011, June 7, will introduce a new console, which at the moment is codenamed Project Cafe. It will go on sale in early 2012. Earlier in the gaming community have been rumors that Microsoft has already created an early prototype of the next generation Xbox and gave it to review the most important partners. Prior to this, the company placed the vacancy of the leading designers and engineers to work on a new console from the Xbox series..

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