Tele2 has asked the developers of LTE networks in Russia - Cell phones

Tele2 has asked the developers of LTE networks in Russia - Cell phonesTele2? providing in some regions of Russia cellular services, asked in the number of developers of standards for the Russian LTE networks. According to "Kommersant", Tele2 has sent an official letter with the request to include it in the group of operators that need to July 1, to develop a scheme implementation of communication networks fourth-generation LTE. Corresponding letters were sent to the head of the Ministry of communications and the state Commission for radio frequencies (SCRF) Igor Shchegolev, as well as the company "Rostelecom", which won licenses for frequency suitable for the construction of LTE networks in several regions of Russia. In his letter, the company said that the pool of developers, which in addition to "Rostelecom" includes operators of the "big three", can take lessons from the Swedish Tele2 in the construction of LTE networks. It is together with Tele2 Telenor launched the world's first commercial LTE networks in Stockholm and Oslo in December 2009. However, while not officially appointed head of the pool operators. Also not adopted the Charter of this organization. In this regard does not specify who will take the decision on inclusion of Tele2 in the number of project participants. Russian "daughter" of Tele2 provides cellular communication services in 37 regions of Russia. The number of subscribers is 18 million people. According to the decision of the SCR, the development of communications networks in Russia will be carried out due to the frequency conversion, currently under the control of the Ministry of defence. In this case, it is assumed that the pool members will develop standards and will determine at what frequency will preferably the development of LTE networks. It is expected that work on clearing networks from military use will be carried out by operators. After that, these companies may receive preference in tenders for these frequencies..

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