Intel has resumed deliveries of defective components - Cell phones

Intel has resumed deliveries of defective components - Cell phonesIntel has resumed deliveries of defective Cougar Point chipsets with a broken SATA II controller, which is used to connect hard drives and optical drives to the motherboard. Writes about it our All Things Digital. Manufacturers of motherboards and computers are allowed to use similar chipsets, if they themselves will disable potentially broken connector. Thus, producers will be able to use computers and laptops purchased earlier components without the need for their replacement in the Intel. This will ensure the timely release of new models of computers based on Intel Sandy Bridge. This will substantially lower the cost Intel to replace all chipsets series H67/P67. For the first time Intel has recognized the fact of marriage in Cougar Point 31 January. At the same time it was announced about the beginning of the procedure of withdrawal of these chipsets. According to CNet News, delivery Cougar Point bug fixed will begin in mid-February. According to the company, defective chipsets may in some cases lead to reduced performance or failure of all components attached to the motherboard of the computer using a SATA connector II. Intel estimates that marriage can be exposed to from 5 to 15 percent of all chipsets. Alternatively, producers are encouraged to connect components using connectors SATA III, also supported these chipsets. In this case, the performance degradation is not observed..

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