Designed robot-Seagull - Cell phones

Designed robot-Seagull - Cell phonesWinged mechanism not only look like my biological sister, but also simulates the principle of flight of the living birds. The device SmartBird presents the German company Festo. The wingspan of the robot is 2 m and the length of the body - 1 m Due to the use of lightweight polymer materials only weighs 485, Inside, in addition to the navigation equipment and other electronics, there are the motor and transmission, two lithium-polymer battery and four servo control of the head, tail and wings. For flight robotica just 23 watts of power. The uniqueness of the model SmartBird is that it is not just his wings up and down, but, like the bird, Flex them at a certain angle it is a special torsion mechanism. This ensures smoothness and improved aerodynamics. The tail, as these feathered creatures, is used to stabilize the flight and maneuver, and the short vertical movements of the head and parts of the torso cause the artificial Seagull to maintain the commanded direction. The operator gives commands by radio via the ZigBee Protocol. Any specific application for SmartBird has not yet invented: apparently, the project is part of a failover bionic technologies to further create a more perfect "flyers"..

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