Hotmail launched a chat for users of Facebook - Cell phones

Hotmail launched a chat for users of Facebook - Cell phonesUsers of the mail service Hotmail had the opportunity to chat with their friends on the social network Facebook. This was reported in the blog Windows Live Hotmail. According to the developers, a new opportunity was a response to the active promotion of Google Mail. "The creators of Gmail passed us, running internal chat between users. Now we have moved a step forward, simultaneously running their own internal instant messaging, integrated with Facebook," reads the message. To add to your Hotmail contacts from Facebook, you need to connect your account on the social network to Windows Live. So after connecting to chat, simply click on the desired name in the contacts list. In autumn 2010 it was reported that Facebook plans to launch its own e-mail client. This founder of the social network, mark Zuckerberg said that the service will have a "support" character. "It's not e-mail. We do not think that a modern messaging system must be created in the form of e-mail ... This system includes e-mail in itself," said Zuckerberg. Facebook is the largest social network in which registered more than 600 million accounts. Hotmail is the most popular email service in the world, ahead of Google Mail and Yahoo! By the end of 2010, mailboxes on Hotmail had about 360 million users..

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