Internet Explorer 9 does harm to your computer - Cell phones

Internet Explorer 9 does harm to your computer - Cell phonesMicrosoft has published the statistics, according to which every fourteenth download Internet Explorer 9 - malicious file, according to Security Lab. The software giant includes in its Internet Explorer browser feature SmartScreen Filter Application Reputation for warning the user about the unknown and potentially untrusted programs, however, about 5% of users ignore warnings and downloads malicious Trojan viruses. "The hackers have figured out that it is not so difficult to force users to download a Trojan," he told journalists Alex Stamos, a security consultant. When, for example, on Facebook, comes a message from a friend with an offer to watch a funny video or use the link, it is likely that using the invitation, the user is let to your computer Trojan horse. All together this is called social engineering, and in our days it is a big problem. Internet Explorer warns you when someone is trying to lure them to malicious websites. According to Jeb's Habera, project Manager SmartScreen for the last two years SmartScreen has blocked more than half a billion web attacks, provoking the load on the computer. Haber agreed that improved protection browser forces the attackers use social engineering, especially in the last two years. According to the expert, when SmartScreen warning messages informing users that they are going to run a potentially dangerous program, the likelihood that this program will prove to be really dangerous ranges from 25% to 70%. A typical user will only see a couple of messages a year, so these messages should be taken seriously..

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