Ubisoft rerelease the old part of Splinter Cell - Cell phones

Ubisoft rerelease the old part of Splinter Cell - Cell phonesPublisher Ubisoft to rerelease the first three parts of the Splinter Cell series on the PlayStation 3, according to Eurogamer. Kit called Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD will go on sale in the U.S. on March 22, 2011. When he appears in Europe, at the moment unknown. In the English version of the online store Amazon as the release date listed on the 1st of April.The kit Classic Trilogy HD includes the first part of Splinter Cell, released in 2002, its sequel, Pandora Tomorrow (2004), and the third game, Chaos Theory (2005). Schedule of all games adapted for high resolution screens, it also supports three-dimensional image. The kit will be distributed on disks, and through digital distribution in the PlayStation Network. In the Splinter Cell series is told about a secret agent USA Sam Fisher, who is fighting against terrorists and uncovers a global conspiracy. Within the series was released five main games and a side part for a portable console PSP. The latest released game is Splinter Cell: Conviction. Its release was held in April 2010. Currently, the Studio Ubisoft Toronto working on the next part of Splinter Cell. The release date is unknown..

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