New Trojan walked fix Apple in just a few hours - Cell phones

New Trojan walked fix Apple in just a few hours - Cell phonesAfter only a few hours after Apple released a security update to protect Mac users from scareware attacks, an appeal is received, a new option that completely bypasses the measures taken for the lock. The Trojan gets on a computer file called mdinstall.pkg and sets MacGuard malware application that masquerades as a security program required the user to clean your Mac from some dangerous infections supposedly detected during the last scan of the hard drive. It is reported that in the last days the whole series of deliberate attacks using social engineering techniques on Google, Facebook and other sites precipitated Mac users and fraudulently make them install the rogue anti-virus packages. On Tuesday, Apple updated OS X to detect MacDefender and its variants, which many regarded as a recognition of the fact that adherents of Mac and Windows users need help to protect computers from malware. Confirming fears, suppliers Mac Trojans instantly reacted and just a few hours has released a new version MacGuard. As noted by ZDNet blogger ed Bott, he "was specifically designed to circumvent" the recently released Apple security update. This is sort of a game of cat-and-mouse struggle that lasts for years between security companies and suppliers of malware for Windows. And now she touched and Mac. Now, when Mac and will default to update the list of known malicious apps every 24 hours, Apple has the ability to repay in the same coin. Will be interesting to see how much time you will need OS X to block new variant..

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