ASUS will release a tablet with a 3D display-Cell phones

ASUS will release a tablet with a 3D display-Cell phonesExecutive Director of ASUS, Jerry Shen talked about the company's plans to release new portable devices. ASUS intends to develop a tablet with a 3D display. The screen size is 7 inches; stereoscopic image can be viewed without glasses. In the second quarter, the company intends to release its first netbook running under the control of the operating system MeeGo. The basis of the computer will go hardware platform Intel Atom. In future models of tablets, according to Mr. Shen, you will see processors with four cores, which will show the capabilities of the devices for processing graphics and video to a new level". The ASUS plans also include the development of a "superfood" - powerful communicators equipped with a display diagonal of 4 inches. This year the company will focus on Android smartphones, and in 2012, you may be devices with Windows Phone 7, concluded the head of the ASUS..

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