Nokia has patented two tablet - Cell phones

Nokia has patented two tablet - Cell phonesNokia has patents on two tablets with touch screens, writes our Electronista. Pictures and information published on the website of the US patent office. The first tablet is similar in design to the Nokia N8 smartphone. The model has rounded side walls, and its ends are flat with sharp corners on the front and the back. The second model is slightly different and has a right angle with the front panel. In patent document specified that the applications were filed in may 2010. Nokia has not officially announced the release of its own tablet. However, in April 2010 the Network has information about the upcoming release of the tablet of the company. Then the publication of the Street, referring to information analysts said that the Nokia tablet will be released in autumn 2010. It was expected that the Nokia tablet will work on the basis of the mobile OS MeeGo, which Nokia developed jointly with Intel. However, in early 2011, Nokia announced its intention to enter into a partnership agreement with Microsoft. By its terms, the main platform for smartphones, the Finnish company will be Windows Phone. However, about plans to transfer to Microsoft OS tablets are not officially reported..

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