The Tomb Raider series will restart in 2012 - Mobile phones

The Tomb Raider series will restart in 2012 - Mobile phonesPublisher Square Enix is going to release action adventure Tomb Raider in the autumn of 2012. In December 2010 it was revealed that the company decided to completely update and restart ancient and glorious places series. An important task entrusted Studio Crystal Dynamics, who are developing a game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. "We will create a brand new Lara with a unique biography!" he promised the Crystal head Darrell Gallagher (Darrell Gallagher). Just finished studying 21-year-old Larisa K. sent to some island off the coast of Japan, where going to do a search of lost relics and artifacts. Death before reaching the destination, we find ourselves in a storm, endure the crash and find yourself on a desert shore amid the wreckage of ships and aircraft. In General, priorities change, and instead of finding treasure in the first place is the struggle for life..

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