Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market - Cell phones

Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market - Cell phonesApple will continue to hold a dominant position in the tablet market at least until the end of this year. According to a report by IDC, in the fourth quarter of 2010, the market was supplied 10.1 million tablets two times higher than the July-September last year, when it was shipped 4.5 million units. According to experts, in November-December 2010, the iPad won 73% of the market, compared with 93% in the third quarter. One of the main competitors "iPad, Galaxy Tab from South Korea's Samsung, held in the fourth quarter of 17% of the tablet market. In total last year, according to IDC, was shipped about 18 million units, of which 14.9 million accounted for iPad (83%). These data two weeks ago confirmed and Apple CEO Steve jobs at the presentation of the iPad 2. According to him, in 2010, it sold 15 million iPads". This means that their customers have found almost all our Apple retail tablets. Samsung, in turn, in 2010 has shipped 2 million Galaxy Tab. The number of devices sold by the South Korean giant is not precise, but, according to analysts, in fact, consumers got a much smaller number of "galactic" tablets. IDC believes that the Motorola Xoom on sale earlier this month, TouchPad from HP, the next version of the Galaxy Tab 8.9-inch diagonal, PlayBook from Research In Motion, as well as other tablets, is scheduled for release this year, will only slightly affect the market share of the iPad. According to the experts at IDC, in 2011, Apple will hold 70 to 80% of the tablet market. Analyst at J. P. Morgan Research's mark Moskowitz believes that this year the manufacturers of the tablet will supply the market with 81 million devices..

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