Sony intends to transform virtual into reality - Cell phones

Sony intends to transform virtual into reality - Cell phonesOne of the projects the Corporation is currently HMD-agolovnya display. In its functionality and will include the ability to turn conventional gaming environment in "objective reality". There is every reason to assume that this development for Sony is a priority. About working on a device to "transfer" in the virtual world of the Japanese Corporation officially announced back in January during the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show 2011. Recent video interview with Mike Hockinson (Mike Hocking, Vice President of Sony, again emphasises the importance of this topic. According to Mr. Hocking, currently the company has the technology to make virtual reality a relevant concept. And their abilities Japanese technology giant obviously intends to take to implement the ideas put forward in 1980-X. Among the conditions that created the Corporation and contribute to achieving such a global goal, Mike Hocking called high resolution monitor and the power of the processors. The senior representative stressed that agolovnya display, you may find the application in the games industry in the near future. "Agree to be in a virtual world where you can do what we usually do in games is very cool," he concluded Vice President of Sony. According to analysts, it is because of the HMD manual Japanese corporations have repeatedly stated that it sees no reason to advertise the PS 4. Relevant for today PS 3 was positioned as the first product of this kind with a three-dimensional image. Obviously, the ability to "jump" into virtuality will become the hallmark of the representative of the next generation in the line of Sony consoles. Logical question: what should we expect in connection with the ambitious plans of the Japanese from their American competitor of Microsoft?.

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