Invented guiding beam for GPS Cell phones

Invented guiding beam for GPS Cell phonesTwo designers from South Korea has developed a gadget Maptor, which is similar to a small pocket flashlight. The gadget can be used as a keychain or as a decoration. Quite comfortable, stylish thing! If you enable the flashlight to put on any surface, you will receive the card, which will be marked with the correct path to the given point. While it is not clear how such a small case is GPS Navigator with Bluetooth module, projector, flashlight, memory, battery. When enabled, the miracle of the lights, the tourist can spend back the other, show the pop map and then go in the right direction. This wonderful lamp is good to use in Russia. For example, winter day is short, there is a lot of snow where you can display a plan of the area. Recently been released a few of these gadgets. About the cost of the gadgets Maptor is still unknown..

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