On sale-robot-Butler - Cell phones

On sale-robot-Butler - Cell phonesIt can be described as human-like device designed to provide navigation services in the common areas. Humanoid by the name of REEM constructed assistants Spanish company PAL Robotics. It has dimensions that are close to human: height is 170 cm, weight - 90 kg However, unlike us, the iron moves on wheels. The robot is equipped with a standard set of instruments and sensors (camera, microphone, motion sensors and orientation in space) and has 22 degrees of freedom. In his case you can put 30 kg payload, and a further 3 kg, it can carry in each hand. Moving the machine with a speed of 4-5 km/h, the stock battery it lasts for 8 hours. Thanks to the touch screen on the chest REEM helps visitors to shopping centres, hospitals, museums, airports to familiarize yourself with the layout of the building and get all the necessary information and make the video call. Android, "knowing multiple languages can conduct guest, simultaneously performing the role of a guide or animator for children; embedded systems facial recognition and voice will liaise with the staff of the "native" (REEM) institutions. One of the mechanical helpers already entered service at the National exhibition centre Abu Dhabi (ADNEC) in the UAE, two dozen were built for middle Eastern clients. The cost of the product is not specified. Prepared according to Fast Company..

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