Army Singapore armed soldiers tablet - Cell phones

Army Singapore armed soldiers tablet - Cell phonesThe Ministry of defence of Singapore is going to give the new recruits more than eight thousand Apple iPads 2. As AFP reports, using "Apple" gadgets soldiers will take pictures and shoot video with the battlefield, and then send the collected materials on the online platform of the armed forces of Singapore - LEARNet. Soldiers will also be able to communicate with each other on group chat. Soldiers will receive the tablets this year, but next will be obliged to transfer them to other recruits. In the future for the armed forces of Singapore will be developed for the safe application that extends the capabilities of the devices for military purposes. The cheapest model of iPad 2 is in this country about 538 dollars. This is not the first time the iPad or other iOS device used for military purposes. Recently from paper maps refused aircraft of the U.S. marine corps, having made a choice in favor of the navigation system on the gadget from Apple. In addition, notes the blog Tuaw, the U.S. army is working on their own similar store App Store..

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