In network "Vkontakte" began the genocide bots - Cell phones

In network Invites for those wishing to register on the network "Vkontakte" really will hit the huge number of users of this service. For example, they will leave without a job giant army of trolls who create fake accounts and sending countless invitations to no one, not interesting group. Without a piece of bread will sit spammers offering advertisers "effective promotion Vkontakte", but the reality is overwhelming us links and other Internet debris. Not in fact, be a significant part of Parusnikov, clean which will now be much easier. SEOs, marketers, wound and other vermin, they all weep bitter tears, cursing misanthropic policy Durov and Co. If you think from their point of view, the closing of the free registration "Vkontakte" is an act akin to a ruthless genocide bots Runet.Those who proliferation of false entities in social networks does not, innovation is not cold and not hot. Accounts the majority (whom they were right, at least) already created. A new start, after receiving the invite has already managed to establish themselves in the social network of friends is not a problem. Yes, and the air is probably cleaner will be without the crowds of bots. The "Vkontakte" this measure is unlikely to hurt. First, the service is already large enough to afford such experiments. Secondly, there is nothing new in this experiment, no invites have used many, including at much earlier stages of development, and managing this very well earn. Thirdly, with robots, spammers and various other trolls obviously it's time to do something. They have long cause straining users far greater than will cause the invites that the problem can be solved, at least partially. Well, finally, any innovation can always cancel it if something goes wrong. "Vkontakte" know it better than others - we have the experience. So it is unlikely they will lose a significant real audience, although, of course, insane counter, taking into account all automatically registering robots, spinning will be much slower. It is interesting, by the way, as the bot-the Empire will strike back. What will it be: will increasingly breaking accounts and send spam from them, or come up with something else. That will attempt to adjust, and under this decision will be made - no doubt. Because you need something to eat and to the victims of this bot genocide... Recall that on Friday, February 11, the administration's biggest social network "Vkontakte" closed open registration on the website. Now get an account you will be by invitation only. At the moment in social network "Vkontakte" more than 90 million registered accounts..

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