IPhone owners were poorer users of Android - Cell phones

IPhone owners were poorer users of Android - Cell phonesIPhone owners can give the impression of a fairly wealthy people, however, often in practice this is often not the case. To this conclusion came the British research company YouGov. As shown by the results of her survey, users of competitive Android and BlackBerry earn much more followers gadget from Apple. Besides, the last big fans to go into debt. Approximately every fifth owner of the iPhone has admitted that almost always lives on credit, resorting to this service through your Bank account. Almost 54% among those who use competitive Android platform, and half of BlackBerry owners say that never got into debt, writes The Daily Mail with a link to the study. Interesting results were obtained in a survey designed to link the financial position of British type of smartphone they use. In particular, it became clear that the owners of Android and BlackBerry earn significantly more than those who prefer the iPhone. According to the survey, 10% of BlackBerry owners earn more than 50 thousand pounds (about 80 thousand dollars.) in year. From the number of iPhone users such was only 5%. A little more than earned this level were found among the owners of the phones on the Android platform - 7%. Meanwhile, almost half of iPhone users earning less than 20 thousand pounds a year (about 32 thousand dollars.) compared to 38% who own a BlackBerry, and 27% of Android users. The researchers also noted that Android has overtaken the iPhone as the most popular smartphone in the UK: 28% vs. 26%, respectively. And only 14% reported that they own a gadget from BlackBerry..

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