Zynga has released a strategy of "Empires & Allies" - Cell phones

Zynga has released a strategy of Supercompany Zynga, specializing in the development of SVERKER for social networks, introduced the draft Empires & Allies. It is important (I guess): it is not unusual for the Zynga netlenka. Instead analogue CityVille or FarmVille, consolation Housewives overweight and benthic office plankton "players presented a comprehensive strategy. Why is it that the public, right? However, the "platform"-all the same - the social network Facebook. "Imagine that CityVille crossed with a game of soldiers - that's you and Empires & Allies," say the developers. From Housewives will need to take control of a small island (Fig?) and to build on it own Empire with a powerful army (crazy?!). Well, then ladies will begin to capture the nearby Islands, fight enemies, to enter into military alliances (ochsman, Yes)... eventually they will decisive pornosexy battle with a certain Raven (not with Zuckerberg whether it was written?). "We have never released a game of this scale, and work in this genre is new to us," the bullied developers. By the way, many of them first pulled the strap at Electronic Arts, where forged a series of Command & Conquer..

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