Motorola secretly develops alternative Android Cell phones

Motorola secretly develops alternative Android Cell phonesU.S. Motorola Mobility, which occupies one of leading places in the smartphone market in the U.S. and several other countries, is developing its own software platform for mobile devices. Alternative to Google Android to run today's most best-selling products, create come from Apple and Adobe. According to the publication Information Week, citing an informed source, creating a tightly integrated with the Internet OSes involved the former head of one of the teams at Apple Gilles Dre, as well as two Directors on developments Motorola - Benoit Marchand (had previously been associated with JavaScript development in Apple) and Sean Kranzberg (participated in the development of Adobe Flash). Motorola has not confirmed nor denied this information. The publication suggests that Motorola is developing its own OS, in an effort to insure in case of unforeseen problems with Android. In particular, I mean started Oracle patent dispute over some elements of the mobile platform from Google. If the events will develop in the worst search engine script, the development of mobile platforms will have to stop. That another mobile operazioni have a future, it is hard to believe. This market is divided between Apple, Google, RIM (makes BlackBerry) and Nokia, while the share of Android is growing rapidly due to the emergence of more and more inexpensive, and therefore the mass of the device. Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft and WebOS from HP hope to win their pieces of the pie, but even these giants are unlikely to be able to compete with the market leaders serious competition. Platform Bada from Samsung too is not growing too rapidly..

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