Telepresence is expanding its scope - Cell phones

Telepresence is expanding its scope - Cell phonesNew, more affordable the target device Cisco allows wider dissemination of technology Telepresence Cisco announced several new products and enhancements to its telepresence technology. These innovations became part of the portfolio, Cisco collaboration, providing customers with new opportunities for simple, quick and cost-effective scaling of telepresence solutions across the organization. These innovations enhance the interaction between endpoints Cisco TelePresence and any other standards-based devices by type "with each other" and make telepresence more intuitive with the new functions and features, user-friendly. Combined with previously announced architecture social media innovations in the field of telepresence technology help Cisco to take another step towards achieving its goal of full disclosure video capabilities for customers. Cisco simplifies the use of video helps customers to quickly distribute video across the enterprise and makes the man a Central figure in regard to collaboration. The target device "Telepresence Everywhere" ("Telepresence everywhere") In order to complete its portfolio of TelePresence solutions, including everything from powerful systems, fully immersing the user in the virtual world, to software solutions (such as Movi) desktop computers (PC and Mac), Cisco introduced a new system Cisco TelePresence MX200. Читать полностью -->

Journalists saw the digital home of the future Cell phones

Journalists saw the digital home of the future Cell phonesJournalists American TV Channel 9 presented a video tour of the Microsoft Home - working prototype "digital home of the future, built in the headquarters of the Corporation in Redmond. House of the future, I think Microsoft will be able to talk, to monitor the health of residents, to recall the medication, give tips on how to dress, suggest recipes, as well as to help virtually visit an art exhibition or a variety of stores. In one word, solid invali, mobile computing, human-oriented computing and cloud computing. Microsoft Home presents a special touch pad, which can interact with the mobile device, it is enough to put him there. In particular, the panel can be put wrist watch that store and transmit information about the health of the owner. It is also possible to look at this panel. Читать полностью -->

Scientists have created a virus that will kill the Internet - Cell phones

Scientists have created a virus that will kill the Internet - Cell phonesIn the US, the specialists of the University of Minnesota created the virus, deadly to the Internet, according to U.S. media. According to experts, developed the virus automatically deletes the connection to the Network users around the world. Experts note that while there is no such protection, which can save users ' computers from such programs. Despite the fact that the user of the infected computer will not be able to access the Internet, the virus itself safely loads in the Network data, sending its copy on. In addition, the malware is designed to create an overload of networks that will lead to the fall of the servers. Читать полностью -->

Microsoft promises to support the manufacturers of the tablet - Cell phones

Microsoft promises to support the manufacturers of the tablet - Cell phonesAccording to Taiwanese sources of the environment producers of touch panels and laptops, Microsoft is currently in active negotiations with several companies engaged in the production of smartphones and laptops. Purpose of the meeting was the launch of tablet products based on Windows, with software giant promises wide financial and technical assistance. It is reported that Hewlett-Packard (HP), which promotes its own mobile operating system webOS, ready to introduce a tablet PC-based OS of Microsoft Corporation in September or October. The production of these products will be produced at the facilities of Inventec. Sources also indicate that the tablets using a new Microsoft operating system, which is designed specifically for use in such products will begin to appear in the supply chain in the third quarter of the current year. Given the fact that most modern tablets controlled by the icons, Microsoft's new interface for its OS, reportedly focuses on the larger icons. Читать полностью -->

Yandex.The map was enlarged views of four cities - Cell phones

Yandex.The map was enlarged views of four cities - Cell phonesThe service developers Yandex.Card announced the addition of panoramic photos of the streets for four major settlements: capital of Kazakhstan - Astana and three Russian cities of Vladimir, Suzdal and Naberezhnye Chelny. Now users of the map service layer including Panorama, you can see detailed images of the streets mentioned cities and move around it, as on a walk. Option a panoramic view of the city streets appeared in Yandex.Maps in September 2009. Initially in the project database were represented only by the streets and highways of Moscow, but then the service went beyond Moscow and Russia. Currently, users of the map service available panorama 99 cities. In addition to panoramas on Yandex.Maps you can see a detailed layout of the city, to find his house on satellite images, to look at the metro map or road junctions. Читать полностью -->

The release of Operation Flashpoint: Red River is scheduled for April - Cell phones

The release of Operation Flashpoint: Red River is scheduled for April - Cell phonesPublisher Codemasters announced that the European sales tactical shooter Operation Flashpoint: Red River will begin on April 21, and North American - 26th. The project, developed by Codemasters-"daughter", will visit the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. We soldier in the marine corps USA, travel to Tajikistan, which in 2013 will be a civil war that threatens to save already unstable region. However, neighbouring China activity Yankees in the throat, so troops enter China in the devastated country. The game will be not only single-user mode, and "cooperative". Red River is traditionally positioned as "a real military simulator" with a complex tactical system, huge battlefields, authentic weapons and equipment.... Читать полностью -->

The London underground by 2012 will Internet Cell phones

The London underground by 2012 will Internet Cell phones2012 Olympic and Paralympic games the London "underground" will be equipped with wireless network technology Wi-Fi. It will allow residents and guests of the Olympic host city to use the Internet on 120 tube stations. These plans today officially confirmed the city of London. "Installing Wi-Fi on platforms and stations themselves will finally give Londoners the opportunity to check their email, log in a social network or read the local media, staying in touch with the world against them," said London mayor Boris Johnson. Work that will affect only stations are planned to be completed by June 2012, tunnel connection still fails. It is likely that soon the subway passengers will also be able to enjoy high-quality mobile communication. Читать полностью -->

Akella is preparing to release the game "Painkiller: Redemption" - Cell phones

Akella is preparing to release the game The company "Akella" signed an agreement on the publication in Russia of the first person shooter "Painkiller: Redemption" (original Painkiller: Redemption). The project will be released on PC in the first quarter, More than the exact date will be called after the completion of localization". The game was developed by Studio Homegrown Games, foreign publisher call JoWooD. Recall that initially the project was created as a free mod for shooter Painkiller, but over time he managed to turn into a standalone product. "Only two heroes can save Heaven from total destruction: Daniel and the demon Belial should unite and put an end to the epic conflict between Heaven and Hell", Murzilki pump publishers. A certain lady of the Abyss lifted dark forces in a decisive battle, and only we have the strength... Читать полностью -->

Smartphones on Windows Phone 7 will replace credit cards Cell phones

Smartphones on Windows Phone 7 will replace credit cards Cell phonesWindows Phone 7 will support NFC technology, designed to turn the phone into a means of payment for goods and services. The function appears in the new version of the software platform, most likely together with the Mango update, the release of which is scheduled for the second half of 2011. It is not excluded, that the main partner of Microsoft for the promotion of NFC will be the Finnish Nokia. The company has repeatedly stated that it intends to pay attention to the production of smartphones to feature the implementation of contactless payments. About two years ago, she even offered phones with NFC support, but due to the lack of infrastructure in these devices has not caught on in the market. NFC supports the latest version of the Android operating system. Читать полностью -->

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