The latest version of Apple iOS hacked for ten days - Cell phones

The latest version of Apple iOS hacked for ten days - Cell phonesIn the Network appeared tool for hacking ("jailbreak") the latest version of mobile operating system Apple iOS. The new firmware redsn0w published hackers from Dev-Team Blog. It was developed by German developer Stefan Esser. Specifies that the "jailbreak" works for all iOS devices except iPad 2. Hack new version of the iPad hackers so far failed. In mid-March, hacker, hiding under the pseudonym comex, has published a photograph of a jailbroken iPad 2. Читать полностью -->

The new iPhone will be able to recognize gestures on the screen - Cell phones

The new iPhone will be able to recognize gestures on the screen - Cell phonesIn the last week of the beta version of iOS 4.3 has been demonstrated new four - and paripalana Multitouch gestures. According to the data in the future Apple plans to remove the hardware Home button in the iPhone and iPad in order to reduce the size of the device or to increase the display area. Sources customers report that already testing prototypes of the iPad and iPhone, which will be presented in the near future. According to the developers, the lack of hardware buttons may hamper for "normal users": when released into an unfamiliar context, the user does not see the clues and guess the output using petalcingo gesture of application is quite difficult. In addition, the use of four - and patialavi gestures impossible for controlling the phone with one hand. According to the developers, the new model will have the functionality of a Photo Booth.. Читать полностью -->

Skype fired several top managers - Cell phones

Skype fired several top managers - Cell phonesThe company Skype Technologies S.A., the management service Internet telephony, Skype, fired several members of its senior management. This writes Businessweek, citing a source familiar with the situation within the company and wished to remain anonymous. Positions in Skype, according to the newspaper, lost four Vice-President: David Gurl (David Gurle), Christopher Dean (Christopher Dean), don albert (Don Albert) and Russ Show (Russ Shaw). The latter was responsible, in particular, for communication Skype with mobile operators and mobile phone manufacturers. In addition, were dismissed as marketing Director Doug Bewsher (Doug Bewsher) and Ann Gillespie (Anne Gillespie), who headed the personnel Department of the company, as well as heads of Qik Frame Sunkar (Ramu Sunkara) and Allison Kampa (Allyson Campa). Service Qik, Skype was acquired in January 2011 for $ 100 million. Читать полностью -->

Manipulator PlayStation Move may appear on the PC to Cell phones

Manipulator PlayStation Move may appear on the PC to Cell phonesIt may be that Sony is working on the PC version of the manipulator PlayStation Move. At the end of the month in San Francisco (USA) kicks off the annual game developer's conference GDC. We already know her schedule and the subject of many reports. From this list we learned about possible changes in the fate of the PS Move: Sony engineer John McCutcheon (John McCutchan) will report to the public about the development potential of the PlayStation Move". From the preamble that the report is devoted to the development PS Move applications and promotion of new controllers: "We will tell you about the nuances of creating games for the device, the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter, and will present the project Server Move, which will allow those who want to develop programs that use the PS Move in conjunction with standard PC". Recall that the controller works in tandem with the PlayStation Eye camera. Читать полностью -->

Music Green Day is now available on iPhone - Cell phones

Music Green Day is now available on iPhone - Cell phonesThe team of iPhone app developers has released an exciting game for your smartphone that will surely delight all fans of the band "Green Day". The game will be music, fontenrose stream music, downhole drums and hard guitar riffs. So train your fingers. The release of the game "Green Day Revenge is planned along with a new live album called "Awesome As F**k". It seems that the game consists of only a few major hits, including: "American Idiot", "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" and "Basket Case". However, this is not the case in the game is also available version of live and previously unreleased recordings, together with hits, have already become classics: "21 Guns", "Know Your Enemy", "She" and "When I Come Around". Читать полностью -->

Created modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth does not require power - Cell phones

Created modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth does not require power - Cell phonesThe joint efforts of NEC Corporation, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed a new technology that allows you to create devices that transmit data to the receivers, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and this is absolutely not needing power. The essence lies in the fact that the transmitter is powered by energy from the radio waves of any frequency, which in the modern world in our surroundings abound. It embodies the old idea of "crystal receiver". Already in June, will be presented to the working prototypes of such devices. Design feature of these is that they are significantly reduced in size due to the fact that they do not need batteries. Quite possible that the technology in the future will find a lot of applications and will be fixed in everyday life, as well as computer, phone, TV. Читать полностью -->

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