Torrent client uTorrent learned how to stream video - Cell phones

Torrent client uTorrent learned how to stream video - Cell phonesBitTorrent client uTorrent has been updated to the third version. In the popular program introduced a number of innovations, including support for streaming video, a rating system and comments, and drag, as well as the web interface and chat. uTorrent has changed and externally - the interface is more simple and straightforward. One of the main functions became the playback of the video stream. With its help, users will be able to pre-view the file without waiting for a full load. Another important new feature is the online interface uTorrent Web, allowing access to the p2p client over an encrypted Protocol from any point on the Earth. Читать полностью -->

The developers of Skype helped Steam - Cell phones

The developers of Skype helped Steam - Cell phonesIn service Steam has replaced the standard voice codec on the new SILK developed and used in Skype. This was reported by the developers of the service Valve. The new codec is automatically available to all Steam users after the upgrade. It can be used for both in-game and cross-game communication. Previously, voice chat is required for operation of the communication channel about 15 kilobits per second, and the new SILK codec uses a system variable compression ratio, so it will need from 8 to 30 kilobits per second. According to the developers of Steam, this will greatly improve the quality of voice communication between players. Читать полностью -->

Ural centre of security systems is recognized as the best Cell phones

Ural centre of security systems is recognized as the best Cell phonesJune 2, 2011, the annual conference of the Russian Premier partner of Cisco. According to tradition, were declared the best company of this size on the results of their work in the past year. Ural security systems center received the award in the nomination "the Best Premier partner of Cisco in the Ural Federal district". "Ural center security systems is an active member of our affiliate program," says Cisco account Manager to work with partners in the Urals Federal district Mikhail Pastukhov. - Continuous training of employees, the development and confirmation of existing competencies, the implementation of complex projects using the latest developments Cisco testify to the constant development of our partnerships and business UCSB". Ural security systems center has 4 specialization: Express Foundation Express Unified Communication, Advanced Security, and Advanced Wireless. Читать полностью -->

HP has introduced a laptop with a record battery - Cell phones

HP has introduced a laptop with a record battery - Cell phonesThe American company has set a new benchmark in the industry - 32.5 hours work laptop without charging from the mains. To achieve such a result has helped modern lithium-ion batteries. Novice (model 8460p) - continues the glorious traditions of the EliteBook line (the previous record also belonged to this "series"). Designed primarily for business laptop will be on sale in the US on March 15. HP EliteBook 8460p will cost buyers $1000. Weighs a beginner just over two pounds. Читать полностью -->

Android phones break more Windows Phone - Cell phones

Android phones break more Windows Phone - Cell phonesSmartphones with Google Android are in the lead in many countries, far ahead of decisions on Windows Phone 7. However, Microsoft has at least one reason for pride devices based on the platform, break much less often. According to the report of the company WDS, studied for a year more than 600 thousand phone calls to tech support, 14% of calls relating to problems with Android devices, refer to technical malfunctions. The same indicator for RIM BlackBerry smartphones was 3.7%, iPhone - 8%, Windows Phone 7 - 9%. High level hardware problems, according to WDS, is associated with a large number of manufacturers producing many Golovanov. Technical control of Apple and RIM are much more rigid, in addition they have a few models. Читать полностью -->

Presents aluminum tablet HTC Flyer - Cell phones

Presents aluminum tablet HTC Flyer - Cell phonesHTC unveiled its first tablet, the Flyer. The new product has a seven-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels, according to an official press release. The same screen is used in the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The back cover of the Flyer is made from a single piece of aluminum as the Apple iPad tablet. This new Taiwanese company is equipped with polutoralitrovym Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 32 GB of flash memory and a microSD card slot. Flyer will be running Google's Android OS. Читать полностью -->

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