HTC has updated to Android 2.3 - Cell phones

HTC has updated to Android 2.3 - Cell phonesHTC has released an update of the operating system for its smartphones to Android 2.3. Updates will get the top model of the company as Desire HD, Desire Z , Desire and Incredible S. Today you can download the update for smartphones, the Desire HD and Incredible S, weighing in at 100 MB, so it is recommended to download it via Wi-Fi. After you upgrade the software version on the Desire HD will be 2.36.405.5, and Incredible S - 2.12.405.7. Among the changes in comparison with the old version this is a new user interface called HTC Sense, expanded base of languages, and of course updated features OS Android. It is not yet clear when the two other models will receive the update to Android 2.3, but it is likely that this will happen in the near future. Читать полностью -->

Invented guiding beam for GPS Cell phones

Invented guiding beam for GPS Cell phonesTwo designers from South Korea has developed a gadget Maptor, which is similar to a small pocket flashlight. The gadget can be used as a keychain or as a decoration. Quite comfortable, stylish thing! If you enable the flashlight to put on any surface, you will receive the card, which will be marked with the correct path to the given point. While it is not clear how such a small case is GPS Navigator with Bluetooth module, projector, flashlight, memory, battery. When enabled, the miracle of the lights, the tourist can spend back the other, show the pop map and then go in the right direction. This wonderful lamp is good to use in Russia. Читать полностью -->

Nokia will gradually abandon Symbian Cell phones

Nokia will gradually abandon Symbian Cell phonesAs you know, in February this year, Nokia announced the transition to Windows Phone and what OS Symbian becomes a franchise, and over MeeGo work will continue. Viral oz (Viral Oza, Director marketing, Nokia India, said that the Finnish manufacturer will work on the operating system Symbian until 2016. He also mentioned that MeeGo smartphone Nokia N9 will receive all the necessary support in the future. "We will release the Nokia N9 and will learn from these lessons," he said. As you know, over the next 12 months Nokia plans to release 10 new smartphones based on Symbian. Rumors about some of them already in the "walk" across the Network.. Читать полностью -->

Samsung started production of transparent LCD screens of Mobile phones

Samsung started production of transparent LCD screens of Mobile phonesSouth Korean Samsung has started mass production of world's first transparent 22-inch LCD screens. Black-and-white and color LCD displays have a high contrast ratio of 500:1 and have a resolution of WSXGA (1680x1050 pixels). This was reported in the official press release from Samsung. Compared to conventional LCD displays with backlight and 5% transparency, the South Korean giant offer screens with a transparency of more than 20% for black and white models and more than 15% for colour. Moreover, transparent displays from Samsung consume 90% less power than traditional LCD screens. Energy efficiency is achieved by absorbing the ambient light, the document says. Читать полностью -->

Sony intends to transform virtual into reality - Cell phones

Sony intends to transform virtual into reality - Cell phonesOne of the projects the Corporation is currently HMD-agolovnya display. In its functionality and will include the ability to turn conventional gaming environment in "objective reality". There is every reason to assume that this development for Sony is a priority. About working on a device to "transfer" in the virtual world of the Japanese Corporation officially announced back in January during the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show 2011. Recent video interview with Mike Hockinson (Mike Hocking, Vice President of Sony, again emphasises the importance of this topic. According to Mr. Читать полностью -->

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be "1C-SoftClub" - Cell phones

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be For the delivery of the game Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City in domestic stores will meet the company "1C-Softklab", which, as it became known today, has signed a contract with publisher Capcom. "1C" has been awarded the rights to localize and publish the PC version, as well as on the distribution console (Xbox 360 and PS3) version. The project, developed by canadian Studio Slant Six Games and the domestic division of Capcom, will be released in November this year Operation Raccoon City is the story offshoot of the series Resident Evil, telling of battles with zombies T-virus and the sinister Umbrella Corporation. A new third person shooter will allow you to play alone or together with three colleagues in co-op. We will once again get acquainted with the history of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, only from a different perspective. Player, commando, sent by the U.S. Читать полностью -->

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