Amazon will develop your own game - Cell phones

Amazon will develop your own game - Cell phonesAmazon will release their own social game. This online retailer has hired Jonathan Tweet (Johathan Tweet), the famous developer of RPG. Reported by Business Insider, citing LinkedIn Tweet. Jonathan Tweet confirmed the portal Industry Gamers its purpose. About his new project while we only know that it will be a social game. But, given the track record of the Tweet, we can assume that it will be the RPG elements. Читать полностью -->

Grand Theft Auto V will be announced in the summer of 2011 Cell phones

Grand Theft Auto V will be announced in the summer of 2011 Cell phonesGrand Theft Auto V will be announced in the near future, the newspaper writes CVG with reference to section rumors in the latest issue of OXM. It is reported that the events of the new part will unfold in our time on the streets of Los Angeles, and the game will be jokes on topics such as social networking and mortgage РєСЂРёР·РёСЃ assumes that the Studio Rockstar can make the presentation GTA V at Gamescom, which takes place in Cologne from 17 to 21 August 2011. Rumors that soon the Studio Rockstar will show a new part of the franchise, appeared at the end of February 2011. Then it was discovered that the company Take-Two Interactive , which owns the Studio, registered in such domains as,,, and Journalists came to the conclusion that these sites will be used for a viral campaign of the game. Later, in March, Gilbert Gottfried (Gilbert Gottfried) wrote in his Twitter that he will voice the main character of the game. Читать полностью -->

GLONASS and GPS added precision - Cell phones

GLONASS and GPS added precision - Cell phonesOmsk scientists added precision global positioning systems GLONASS and GPS. They have developed equipment allows you to define your coordinates in real time up to a centimeter, and after additional processing of the data - even one millimeter. The new device is already installed at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, where it records the vibrations of the dam. This walk for Alexander Kostyuk - test the new device. With accuracy to the centimeter he paves the route engineer surveyor. The controller transmits a signal to the base station. Читать полностью -->

Samsung may soon present the first HDD 4 TB - Cell phones

Samsung may soon present the first HDD 4 TB - Cell phonesSamsung has developed the technology to increase the density of data storage on magnetic plates. It is reported that her assistants were able to record on one plate 3.5-inch hard drive 1 TB of information. The company has already created a 2-terabyte hard drive HN-D201RAE with two plates for desktop computers. The drive was included in the "green" series Spinpoint EcoGreen; the speed of rotation of its spindle is 5 400 rpm; for the connection with the computer interface Serial ATA 3.0. Given that the current 3.5-inch disks can have up to four plates, it is obvious that Samsung makes possible the emergence of hard drives up to 4 TB. It is not excluded that such devices will appear before the end of this year. Читать полностью -->

Facebook will launch a music service - Cell phones

Facebook will launch a music service - Cell phonesAccording to the online version of Forbes magazine, which refers to its well-informed sources, the world's largest social network Facebook in the near future, probably, will launch a new music service. It goes together with Spotify - known online music service. What is the name of the service is still unknown. There are two options - Facebook Music or Spotify on Facebook. Access to it will be available only for users of Facebook from those countries where available and Spotify UK, Norway, Finland, Spain, Sweden, France. To connect Spotify to Facebook service will earn in the United States. Читать полностью -->

Microsoft releases Kinect for computers - Cell phones

Microsoft releases Kinect for computers - Cell phonesMicrosoft has officially confirmed that they will release this spring development kit (SDK) Kinect for Windows. This was stated by don Mattrick (President of global interactive entertainment) and Craig Mundie (the chief development and strategy) in his statement at the meeting with journalists at the headquarters of Microsoft in Redmond on February 21. The first time the project will be noncommercial in nature. This will give the opportunity to officially use the Kinect with computers running the Windows 7 operating system. Unofficial drivers for the sensor were released by a group of enthusiasts two weeks after the start of sales of the Kinect. After this device was interested programmers, designers and developers of the games, which were subsequently published hundreds of articles and videos with the possible ways to use Kinect for entertainment or for research. Читать полностью -->

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