The company 2K Games has presented the shooter The Darkness II - Cell phones

The company 2K Games has presented the shooter The Darkness II - Cell phonesPublisher 2K Games has finally announced the first-person shooter The Darkness II. The first rumors about the game appeared in 2009, but since then, no clear information was not. And from yesterday's statements, we learned that the Studio Starbreeze, who created the original project, to continue not relevant: development instructed the canadian Digital Extremes. The company has noted the PS3 version of the game BioShock, the multiplayer mode BioShock 2 and some other projects. The game will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The release is scheduled for autumn S., And again we meet with Jackie Estacado, who will sort out mafia war that broke out in the city. Читать полностью -->

Chrome and Safari has increased its share of Mobile phones

Chrome and Safari has increased its share of Mobile phonesThe share of web browsers Google Chrome and Apple Safari have been able to reach a new level, while the share of Internet Explorer continues to decline noticeably. These data are presented at the end of January 2011. To this period, Chrome and Safari was able to overcome the level of 10% and 6%, respectively. For example, Safari has become increasingly popular due to the popularity of computer systems offered by Apple. As regards the share of Internet Explorer at the end of January, the figure had dropped to 56%. Experts believe that in six months, its market share of web browsers can be reduced by 6%, and even drop below half.. Читать полностью -->

Internet Explorer 9 does harm to your computer - Cell phones

Internet Explorer 9 does harm to your computer - Cell phonesMicrosoft has published the statistics, according to which every fourteenth download Internet Explorer 9 - malicious file, according to Security Lab. The software giant includes in its Internet Explorer browser feature SmartScreen Filter Application Reputation for warning the user about the unknown and potentially untrusted programs, however, about 5% of users ignore warnings and downloads malicious Trojan viruses. "The hackers have figured out that it is not so difficult to force users to download a Trojan," he told journalists Alex Stamos, a security consultant. When, for example, on Facebook, comes a message from a friend with an offer to watch a funny video or use the link, it is likely that using the invitation, the user is let to your computer Trojan horse. All together this is called social engineering, and in our days it is a big problem. Internet Explorer warns you when someone is trying to lure them to malicious websites. Читать полностью -->

The second addition Black Ops will be Escalation - Cell phones

The second addition Black Ops will be Escalation - Cell phonesFor Call of Duty: Black Ops will be released the second amendment called Escalation. About this stated the advertisement posted on the website of the Australian GAME, then promptly removed. Judging by the advertising banner, Supplement Escalation will be released on 3 may 2011 and will be available first, exclusively on Xbox Live. The second DLC will include 4 multiplayer maps - Zoo, Hotel, Convoy, Stockpile, as well as a map for zombie mode. The action will take place on the territory of new cards, not related to the single player campaign of the game, this is evidenced graphic banner design. The game developers Treyarch had previously stated that, in addition to the recently released additions Ascention, next will be released some more DLC. Читать полностью -->

"1C-SoftClub" will make a shooter Brink - Cell phones

The first person shooter Brink that is being developed by Splash Damage, will be released in Russia, according to Russian publisher 1C-Softklab". The corresponding agreement was signed with the foreign publisher Bethesda Softworks. 1C localizes only the PC version of the game; modifications for consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 will be released in its original form. The North American release is scheduled for may 17, S., European 20-f, domestic, will take place in may. The events of the game unfold on the territory of the giant floating city, Ark, on the verge of civil war. The city was founded as a utopian self-sufficient habitats. Читать полностью -->

Journalists learned about the final name PSP2 - Cell phones

Journalists learned about the final name PSP2 - Cell phonesThe Network has information that the new portable console from Sony will be called the PlayStation Vita. This was reported by the website Joystiq with reference to the entry in the private blog, which was subsequently removed. Previously, the console had the code name NGP. In addition to the name Vita owner Mega Rock Blog (this is where the record) posted the image, which, apparently, should have been included in the press pack Sony at E3 2011. They always had the name PlayStation Vita, and the design of the console has remained unchanged since the official screening at the conference GDC 2011. In addition, it became known that the game of the Uncharted series for PlayStation Vita will be called Golden Abyss. Читать полностью -->

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