Akella is preparing to release the game "Painkiller: Redemption" - Cell phones

Akella is preparing to release the game The company "Akella" signed an agreement on the publication in Russia of the first person shooter "Painkiller: Redemption" (original Painkiller: Redemption). The project will be released on PC in the first quarter, More than the exact date will be called after the completion of localization". The game was developed by Studio Homegrown Games, foreign publisher call JoWooD. Recall that initially the project was created as a free mod for shooter Painkiller, but over time he managed to turn into a standalone product. "Only two heroes can save Heaven from total destruction: Daniel and the demon Belial should unite and put an end to the epic conflict between Heaven and Hell", Murzilki pump publishers. A certain lady of the Abyss lifted dark forces in a decisive battle, and only we have the strength... Читать полностью -->

Smartphones on Windows Phone 7 will replace credit cards Cell phones

Smartphones on Windows Phone 7 will replace credit cards Cell phonesWindows Phone 7 will support NFC technology, designed to turn the phone into a means of payment for goods and services. The function appears in the new version of the software platform, most likely together with the Mango update, the release of which is scheduled for the second half of 2011. It is not excluded, that the main partner of Microsoft for the promotion of NFC will be the Finnish Nokia. The company has repeatedly stated that it intends to pay attention to the production of smartphones to feature the implementation of contactless payments. About two years ago, she even offered phones with NFC support, but due to the lack of infrastructure in these devices has not caught on in the market. NFC supports the latest version of the Android operating system. Читать полностью -->

Telltale Games took on "Law and order" - Cell phones

Telltale Games took on California Studio Telltale Games is working on another questoin series: a game based on the police and legal television series Law & Order: LA. Watching this Saga almost personally acquainted with a senior Deputy district attorney Ricardo Morales and Junior detective Tomas "TJ" Jaruzelski. On behalf of these heroes and will be supplied to the story. The details of history while hidden, but it is clear that it is necessary to investigate the crimes. The television series Law & Order: LA talks about all the stages of catching the offender, starting with a search for evidence and determine the motives and ending accusatory speeches in court. All this Telltale promises detail to recreate that players felt "participants" series. Читать полностью -->

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