Designed robot-Seagull - Cell phones

Designed robot-Seagull - Cell phonesWinged mechanism not only look like my biological sister, but also simulates the principle of flight of the living birds. The device SmartBird presents the German company Festo. The wingspan of the robot is 2 m and the length of the body - 1 m Due to the use of lightweight polymer materials only weighs 485, Inside, in addition to the navigation equipment and other electronics, there are the motor and transmission, two lithium-polymer battery and four servo control of the head, tail and wings. For flight robotica just 23 watts of power. The uniqueness of the model SmartBird is that it is not just his wings up and down, but, like the bird, Flex them at a certain angle it is a special torsion mechanism. This ensures smoothness and improved aerodynamics. Читать полностью -->

Intel has resumed deliveries of defective components - Cell phones

Intel has resumed deliveries of defective components - Cell phonesIntel has resumed deliveries of defective Cougar Point chipsets with a broken SATA II controller, which is used to connect hard drives and optical drives to the motherboard. Writes about it our All Things Digital. Manufacturers of motherboards and computers are allowed to use similar chipsets, if they themselves will disable potentially broken connector. Thus, producers will be able to use computers and laptops purchased earlier components without the need for their replacement in the Intel. This will ensure the timely release of new models of computers based on Intel Sandy Bridge. This will substantially lower the cost Intel to replace all chipsets series H67/P67. Читать полностью -->

Tele2 has asked the developers of LTE networks in Russia - Cell phones

Tele2 has asked the developers of LTE networks in Russia - Cell phonesTele2? providing in some regions of Russia cellular services, asked in the number of developers of standards for the Russian LTE networks. According to "Kommersant", Tele2 has sent an official letter with the request to include it in the group of operators that need to July 1, to develop a scheme implementation of communication networks fourth-generation LTE. Corresponding letters were sent to the head of the Ministry of communications and the state Commission for radio frequencies (SCRF) Igor Shchegolev, as well as the company "Rostelecom", which won licenses for frequency suitable for the construction of LTE networks in several regions of Russia. In his letter, the company said that the pool of developers, which in addition to "Rostelecom" includes operators of the "big three", can take lessons from the Swedish Tele2 in the construction of LTE networks. It is together with Tele2 Telenor launched the world's first commercial LTE networks in Stockholm and Oslo in December 2009. However, while not officially appointed head of the pool operators. Читать полностью -->

Sony confirmed the fact of the development of a new PlayStation - Cell phones

Sony confirmed the fact of the development of a new PlayStation - Cell phonesSony has officially announced that is working on the next generation consoles PlayStation. This was reported by the website Eurogamer with reference to the statement by the Vice President for Finance companies Masaru Kato at the event dedicated to the results of the fiscal year. At the same time back in March, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment KAZ Hirai said that the development of fourth generation PlayStation while not even considered. Then he said that Sony laid a 10-year life of the PlayStation 3, comparing the success of the console with the previous models PSOne and PS2. Meanwhile, the Sony competitors in the market also announced the imminent desire to release a new console. So Nintendo has officially announced that on its own conference E3 2011, June 7, will introduce a new console, which at the moment is codenamed Project Cafe. Читать полностью -->

Tablet from LG will be able to capture and display of 3D video Cell phones

Tablet from LG will be able to capture and display of 3D video Cell phonesTablet G-Slate from LG will be able not only to shoot but to lose three-dimensional video. This became known from the press release the American operator T-Mobile, officially presented the new product. According to the document, the G-Slate will have two stereoscopic cameras on the rear panel, is able to record 3D video with a resolution of 1080p. To view 3D content, you need to wear special glasses. One of these cameras - 5-megapixel with led flash, which can be used as a regular camera. The third 2-megapixel webcam is located on the front panel. Читать полностью -->

The British will play FarmVille on a real farm - Cell phones

The British will play FarmVille on a real farm - Cell phonesBeginning Wednesday, may 4, Internet users will be able to play a game similar to the popular Farmville game on this farm. It is reported by The Guardian. The project was called MyFarm. The venue will be the estate of Wimpole, located in the English County of Cambridgeshire. 10000 participants via the Internet will give farmers advice on what livestock to buy, what crops to plant and how to split the field. "I'll do exactly what I will recommend online farmers. Читать полностью -->

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