A new version of JABRA PC SUITE for users of CISCO - Cell phones

A new version of JABRA PC SUITE for users of CISCO - Cell phonesA new version of the free Jabra PC Suite opens to users of unified communications Cisco wide remote call control Jabra, a world leader in the development of telephone headsets for different market segments: call centres, offices, mobile telephony and entertainment expands its portfolio of solutions for unified communications (UC) and represents the Jabra PC Suite v2.4.3 - a new version of its free software. The new software provides compatibility with any USB solution with Jabra UC-Cisco systems. A new version of Jabra PC Suite will allow you to extend the functionality of Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (CUPC) and Cisco UC Integration? for Microsoft Office Communicator (CUCIMOC), manipulating them using Jabra headsets. The new software supports the reception and discharge of the call, adjust the volume, mute the microphone, and remote call using wired, DECT or Bluetooth headsets Jabra. Integration of Jabra headsets and applications Jabra PC Suite will allow users UC-Cisco systems to manage calls at a distance of 130 meters from the computer and perform more tasks during a call, thereby increasing the effectiveness of their own work. "We were ready to work closely with Cisco, aimed at empowering speech UC-Cisco systems to ensure ease of operation in conjunction with Jabra headsets, says Chris Briglin, Vice President, business development Jabra - Jabra Wireless headsets can be used in the office and beyond, compatible with mobile and landline phones and provide perfect sound transmission, as well as mobility and multitasking". Читать полностью -->

In Windows Phone 7 you will be multitasking and IE 9 - Cell phones

In Windows Phone 7 you will be multitasking and IE 9 - Cell phonesThe functionality of the operating system for mobile devices, Windows Phone 7 (WP7) will soon be greatly expanded: in particular, the platform will have multitasking and Internet Explorer 9. This was stated by the CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, speaking at a press conference at Mobile World Congress 2011 (MWC) in Barcelona. These functions will be available after installing the first update for WP7, which is scheduled for release in March of this year. Ballmer began his speech with statistics: in his words, 93% of WP7 users were satisfied with their device, and nine out of ten owners of the device on the basis of this platform would advise it to family members, friends and colleagues. The Microsoft Chairman said that multitasking will allow, for example, listening to music, almost instantly switch between any game or app. Users will also be able to see a list of recently downloaded apps and quickly their "cause". Читать полностью -->

Microsoft has found a new way to fight piracy - Cell phones

Microsoft has found a new way to fight piracy - Cell phonesNew version of the operating system for the Xbox 360 will not allow you to run most pirated discs. This was reported by a website Just Push Start and the Xbox Scene with reference to known hacker C4Eva. Currently in the United States goes open beta testing a new version of the Xbox 360 Dashboard (OS console), which will allow in the future to run the advanced format drives with displacement increased to 1 GB. In addition, the new firmware uses a special anti-piracy check disk (AP Check), which will not allow to run the disks other than the license, without specific modifications. Hacker C4Eva (known for hacking Xbox) has not yet commented on the mechanism of the changes to the disk images, so they can start on the new firmware. The use of the modified disk makes Xbox 360 vulnerable to blockage in the service of Xbox Live. Читать полностью -->

Namco Bandai unveiled Soulcalibur V - Cell phones

Namco Bandai unveiled Soulcalibur V - Cell phonesThe fifth part of the fighting game series Soulcalibur is in development, according to the company Namco Bandai. Held in Dubai (UAE) press conference it was announced that the project Soulcalibur V charged one internal studios Namco. The release will be sometime in 2012, but only on consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Game producer Hisaharu of Tago (Hisaharu Tago) reported that this will be a full sequel, continuing the story of the fourth part. Events will take place 17 years after the history presented in the previous game. Yes, there is a plot. Читать полностью -->

Members of "Vkontakte" let us to look at ourselves - Cell phones

Members of Users of the social network "Vkontakte" got a chance to look at your page through the eyes of others. About this and other changes in the privacy settings reported in the official blog Vkontakte head of social network Pavel Durov. Under "privacy Settings", the user can see, as you can see its page for people not registered "Vkontakte", or participants in a social network, depending on the status of their relationship with the user. In addition to the overall layout of a page, it is possible to look through the eyes of any particular user "Vkontakte", typing a nickname. Also the user has got the possibility to do part of the published content (photos, videos, notes and so on) available to all, even if the overall setting for the page the user restricts access to it. Separately Durov touched on the privacy settings for status, saying that although it was initially conceived as a public genre, but this property was partially lost after running mode microblog. Читать полностью -->

Announced new Super Mario 3DS - Cell phones

Announced new Super Mario 3DS - Cell phonesThe company Nintendo called the release date of the new Legend of Zelda, and also announced Super Mario 3DS at game developers conference GDC2011. On behalf of Nintendo at the conference were made by the company President Satoru Iwata, the developer Shigeru Miyamoto and President of the American division Reginald Fils-Aime. Nintendo has announced a new part of the Super Mario, which will be released on a portable console, the 3DS. For its responsible development team Nintendo EAD Tokyo, created game series Mario Galaxy. At first presented the project logo features a stylized tail, which many fans have been linked with a possible appearance in the game Racoon Mario (Mario into raccoon costume). Also, we showed the first screenshots from the game, in many ways reminiscent of the style of Super Mario 64, released on the Nintendo 64 in 1996. Читать полностью -->

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